Creality K1 3D Printer + Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0 + Ender Pla Filament Combo

Creality K1 3D Printer + Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0 + Ender Pla Filament Combo


Creality K1 3D Printer + Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0 + Ender Pla Filament Combo

The Creality K1 3D Printer Combo presents a comprehensive solution for 3D printing enthusiasts. The K1 3D Printer boasts a spacious build volume, a heated bed, and an intuitive touchscreen interface for versatile and user-friendly printing.

Paired with the advanced Filament Dry Box 2.0, this combo ensures optimal filament storage by controlling moisture levels, preserving the quality of your filaments.

Included is a spool of Ender PLA Filament, renowned for its reliability and vibrant colors, making it a perfect match for the Creality K1. Elevate your 3D printing experience with this all-in-one solution, offering efficiency, precision, and filament protection in a single package.

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Creality K1 3D Printer + Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0 + Ender Pla Filament Combo


Product Information:

  • Brand: Creality
  • Model (3D Printer): K1
  • Model (Filament Dry Box): Filament Dry Box 2.0
  • Model (Filament): Ender PLA Filament
  • 3D Printer Type: Cartesian 3D Printer
  • Filament Compatibility: PLA, PLA+, and more
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Heated Bed: Yes
  • Connectivity: USB, SD Card
  • Display: Touchscreen
  • Combo Components: K1 3D Printer, Filament Dry Box 2.0, Ender PLA Filament
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Product Description:

The Creality K1 3D Printer Combo brings together the powerful Creality K1 3D Printer, the advanced Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0, and high-quality Ender PLA Filament to provide users with a comprehensive and efficient 3D printing solution.Creality K1 3D Printer:The Creality K1 3D Printer is a reliable Cartesian 3D printer designed for both beginners and enthusiasts. With a spacious build volume, heated bed, and user-friendly touchscreen interface, the K1 offers versatility and ease of use. It supports various filament types, including PLA and PLA+, and is equipped with features to ensure a smooth and precise printing experience.Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0:The Creality Filament Dry Box 2.0 is an innovative solution for filament storage. It provides a controlled environment to keep your filaments dry, reducing the risk of moisture absorption and ensuring optimal print quality.Ender PLA Filament:Included in the combo is a spool of Ender PLA Filament. Ender PLA is known for its reliability and ease of printing. The filament offers a consistent diameter and vibrant colors, making it suitable for a wide range of 3D printing projects. It is compatible with the Creality K1 3D Printer and other 3D printers that support 1.75mm filament.Filament Dry Box Features:
  • Moisture Control: The Filament Dry Box 2.0 effectively controls moisture levels, preventing filament degradation due to humidity.
  • Large Capacity: With ample space, the dry box can accommodate multiple filament spools, providing extended printing sessions without the need to change filaments frequently.
  • Desiccant Compartment: The dry box features a desiccant compartment for easy maintenance and moisture absorption.
  • LCD Display: An LCD display provides real-time information about the temperature and humidity inside the dry box.
  • Sealed Design: The box is designed to be airtight, creating a sealed environment to protect filaments from external moisture.
Combo Benefits:
  • Comprehensive 3D printing solution.
  • Ensures optimal filament storage.
  • Ready-to-print with included Ender PLA filament.
  • Compatible components for seamless integration.
Note to Users:
  • Follow the recommended printing temperatures and settings provided by Creality or your 3D printer manufacturer.
  • Store filaments not in use inside the Filament Dry Box to maintain their quality.
Warranty Information:
  • One-Year Warranty: This covers all significant components such as the motherboard, motors, and screen display for a period of one year.
  • Three-Month Warranty: The hotend (including the heater cartridge and thermistor), heatbed, fans, leadscrew, couplings, and belts are covered under a three-month warranty period.
  • Consumable Items: Nozzles are considered consumable parts due to the nature of 3D printing and are not covered under warranty.
  • Voided Warranty: The warranty will be void if the cover of the motherboard is opened.
  • Voided Warranty (Power-related Issues): The warranty will also be void if damage to the power supply or any other component is caused by power surges, loadshedding, or any other electrical faults.
  • Please note all warranties are handled by Creality Directly
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