Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro Combo

Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro Combo


Combo Kit:

  • 1 x Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro
  • 1 x Creality PLA Black
  • 1 x Creality PLA Red

The Ender 3 S1 Pro shines on your work desk as a faithful fully loaded companion ready to take the next challenge you throw at it. We can’t stop ourselves from also mentioning that the Ender 3 S1 Pro again gives us a 32-bit silent motherboard with ultra-silent drivers, a filament runout sensor, a convenient toolbox drawer, and mercifully a full-sized SD card slot alongside a Type-C USB connection port.

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Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro Combo

The Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro is an advanced 3D printer designed to provide high-quality printing with enhanced features. It is an upgraded version of the popular Ender 3 series, offering improved performance and a range of new functionalities. Let’s explore the key features of this impressive 3D printer, shop online at Kupe 3D

Sturdy Construction:

The Ender 3 S1 Pro features a robust frame made of high-quality aluminum, ensuring stability and durability during the printing process. The frame design enhances the overall rigidity, reducing vibrations and ensuring precise and reliable prints.

Large Printing Volume:

With an enlarged build volume of 220mm x 220mm x 250mm, the Ender 3 S1 Pro offers ample space for printing larger objects or multiple smaller objects simultaneously. This increased printing area provides more flexibility for creative projects.

High-Quality Printing:

Equipped with a precision nozzle and a well-designed extrusion system, the Ender 3 S1 Pro delivers exceptional print quality. It supports layer resolutions as low as 0.1mm, resulting in smooth and detailed prints with accurate dimensions and intricate designs.

Auto Bed Leveling:

The Ender 3 S1 Pro comes with an automatic bed leveling feature, which simplifies the setup process and ensures a level print surface. The printer uses an intelligent sensor to detect and compensate for any unevenness in the bed, guaranteeing consistent print quality and minimizing the need for manual adjustments.

Silent Printing:

One notable improvement in the Ender 3 S1 Pro is its upgraded motherboard and ultra-quiet stepper drivers, enabling significantly quieter operation. This makes the printer suitable for use in various settings, including offices or homes, without causing disturbances.

User-Friendly Interface:

Featuring a user-friendly interface, the Ender 3 S1 Pro is easy to operate even for beginners. The printer includes a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display that provides intuitive navigation and access to various settings and options, making it convenient to control and monitor the printing process.

Filament Run-Out Detection:

To prevent failed prints due to filament depletion, the Ender 3 S1 Pro incorporates a filament run-out detection system. When the printer detects an empty or broken filament, it pauses the print job, allowing users to replace or reload the filament and resume printing seamlessly.

Connectivity Options:

The Ender 3 S1 Pro offers multiple connectivity options for added convenience. It includes an SD card slot for offline printing, a USB port for direct connection to a computer, and a filament detection module with a filament-out alarm, ensuring uninterrupted printing and efficient workflow management.The Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro stands as a feature-rich 3D printer that combines reliability, ease of use, and enhanced functionality. With its sturdy construction, generous print volume, high-quality printing capabilities, and advanced features like auto bed leveling and silent printing, the Ender 3 S1 Pro is an excellent choice for both hobbyists and professionals seeking a versatile and reliable 3D printing solution.Warranty Information:
  • One-Year Warranty: This covers all significant components such as the motherboard, motors, and screen display for a period of one year.
  • Three-Month Warranty: The hotend (including the heater cartridge and thermistor), heatbed, fans, leadscrew, couplings, and belts are covered under a three-month warranty period.
  • Consumable Items: Nozzles are considered consumable parts due to the nature of 3D printing and are not covered under warranty.
  • Voided Warranty: The warranty will be void if the cover of the motherboard is opened.
  • Voided Warranty (Power-related Issues): The warranty will also be void if damage to the power supply or any other component is caused by power surges, loadshedding, or any other electrical faults.
  • Please note all warranties are handled by Creality Directly


  • Full-Metal “Sprite” Direct Drive Extruder and 300°C Hotend Assembly Creality has upgraded their own “Sprite” Direct Drive Extruder to all-metal along with a new full-metal hotend assembly and a brass nozzle. Makers will enjoy the highly coveted benefits of easily loading filament, smooth extrusion, and reduced chance of clogging. Most importantly, however, you will now have the ability to print at 300°C. This means more options to create epic prints with standard or high-temperature 3D Filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, Wood, TPU, and PA.
  • Spring Steel PEI Magnetic Build Plate The Ender’s standard glass bed is now replaced on the Ender 3 S1 Pro with a PEI powder-coated spring steel bed which peels off the platform and flexes to pop prints easily off the bed. This sturdier print surface is specialised for greater bed adhesion and often seen as a must-have for printing cranky filaments. Flexible build plates bring a new level of convenience to your 3D Printing experience, eliminating any need to shovel your 3D Prints off the bed as it often feels like when using a scraper.
  • 4.3-inch Touchscreen LCD Display – A big part of the comfortable use of a 3D Printer is to do with the screen and user interface. The Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro has a new 4.3-inch Touchscreen LCD Display with a new easy-to-use Creality UI Firmware. We find touchscreens are always a pleasure to use with quick response using a simply tap of the finger instead of a clunky rotary knob.
  • LED Lighting Above the Gantry The Ender 3 S1 Pro comes equipped with a handy LED lighting strip fixed neatly to the top of the printer. LED lighting has become a popular upgrade feature among Makers as it provides ample light for you to check on your prints. Whether filming for a timelapse or simply enjoying the enhanced futuristic look, you can easily switch on your LED lighting which adds greater convenience and style to the Ender 3 S1 Pro.
  • Molding technology: FDM


  • Build volume: 220x220x270mm
  • Nozzle temperature: up to 300c
  • Heat bead temperature: up to 110c
  • Leveling mode : CR touch automatic levelling
  • Display: 4.3” color touch automatic levelling
  • Motherboard: 32-bit silent motherboard
  • Print speed: maximum 150mm/s
  • Printing precision: +-0.1mm
  • Layer height: 0.05-0.4mm
  • Rated power: 350W
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