Creality Falcon Laser 22w

Creality Falcon Laser 22w


The Creality Falcon Laser 22w is a powerful and precise laser engraving machine designed to bring your creative ideas to life. With its 22-watt laser module and large engraving area, you can easily engrave intricate designs on various materials, from wood and acrylic to leather and fabric.

The user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular design software make operation intuitive, even for beginners. Built with robust construction and equipped with a ventilation system, this laser engraver ensures stable performance and safe operation. Elevate your craftsmanship and explore endless possibilities with the Creality Falcon Laser 22w.

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Creality Falcon Laser 22w

Introducing the Creality Falcon Laser 22w, a powerful and versatile laser engraving machine that brings your creative ideas to life with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a hobbyist, artist, or small business owner, the Falcon Laser 22w is designed to meet your needs and elevate your craftsmanship to new heights. With its advanced features, robust construction, and user-friendly interface, this laser engraving machine opens up a world of possibilities for customization, personalization, and professional-grade engraving, shop online at Kupe 3D

Unleash Your Creativity with Precision Laser Engraving


Precision and Power

  • Equipped with a 22-watt laser module, the Creality Falcon Laser delivers exceptional precision and power, allowing you to engrave intricate designs, logos, text, and graphics on a wide range of materials. From wood and acrylic to leather, fabric, and even certain metals, the Falcon Laser 22w effortlessly transforms your creations into stunning works of art. With adjustable laser power and speed settings, you have full control over the engraving process, ensuring optimal results every time.

Large Engraving Area

  • The Falcon Laser 22w features a generous engraving area, providing ample space for your projects. With a sizeable work surface, you can accommodate various object sizes and shapes, enabling you to tackle both small and large-scale engraving tasks. Whether you’re personalizing jewelry, creating custom signage, or embellishing home decor items, the Falcon Laser 22w gives you the freedom to explore your creativity without limitations.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Designed with user convenience in mind, the Creality Falcon Laser 22w features a user-friendly interface that makes operation intuitive and straightforward. The accompanying software allows you to import designs, adjust settings, and preview your engraving before starting the process. With its simple and intuitive controls, even beginners can quickly grasp the basics and start creating stunning engravings with ease.

Versatility and Compatibility

  • The Falcon Laser 22w is compatible with a wide range of design file formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, and more, giving you the flexibility to work with your preferred design software. Whether you’re using popular design programs like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, or exploring online design resources, you can seamlessly integrate your designs with the Falcon Laser 22w for precise and detailed engravings.

Robust Construction

  • Built to withstand continuous use and deliver consistent performance, the Falcon Laser 22w features a robust and durable construction. The high-quality components and solid frame ensure stability and reliability, allowing for precise and repeatable engraving results. The machine’s ventilation system efficiently dissipates heat, preventing overheating and ensuring safe and efficient operation throughout your engraving sessions.

Expand Your Creative Horizons

  • With the Creality Falcon Laser 22w, you can expand your creative horizons and transform ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces. Whether you’re customizing gifts, adding personal touches to your crafts, or starting a laser engraving business, this machine empowers you to bring your ideas to life with professional-grade precision and unmatched versatility.


  • The Creality Falcon Laser 22w is a game-changer for laser engraving enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its powerful laser module, large engraving area, user-friendly interface, compatibility with various design formats, robust construction, and exceptional precision make it the ultimate tool for unleashing your creativity and taking your engraving projects to the next level. Elevate your craftsmanship and bring your designs to life with the Creality Falcon Laser 22w.
Warranty Information:
  • One-Year Warranty: This covers all significant components such as the motherboard, motors, and screen display for a period of one year.
  • Three-Month Warranty: The hotend (including the heater cartridge and thermistor), heatbed, fans, leadscrew, couplings, and belts are covered under a three-month warranty period.
  • Consumable Items: Nozzles are considered consumable parts due to the nature of 3D printing and are not covered under warranty.
  • Voided Warranty: The warranty will be void if the cover of the motherboard is opened.
  • Voided Warranty (Power-related Issues): The warranty will also be void if damage to the power supply or any other component is caused by power surges, loadshedding, or any other electrical faults.


  • Laser Power: 22 watts
  • Engraving Area: Large, accommodating various object sizes and shapes
  • Laser Module: High-quality and powerful, providing exceptional precision and engraving results
  • Material Compatibility: Wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, certain metals, and more
  • Software Compatibility: Supports popular design file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, SVG, and more
  • User Interface: Intuitive and user-friendly, making operation easy for beginners and experienced users
  • Construction: Robust and durable, ensuring stability and reliable performance
  • Ventilation System: Efficient heat dissipation to prevent overheating and ensure safe operation
  • Connectivity: Compatible with standard computer systems and design software
  • Dimensions: Compact and space-saving design
  • Power Requirements: Standard power supply for convenient usage
  • Applications: Suitable for customization, personalization, artwork, signage, and more
  • Safety Features: Built-in safety measures for secure and worry-free operation
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