Easythreed K1 3D Printer

Easythreed K1 3D Printer


Easythreed K1 3D Printer is a compact and affordable 3D printer designed for beginners and hobbyists. It offers a user-friendly experience with its simple interface and easy operation. The printer supports various filament types and provides a decent build volume for creating small to medium-sized prints. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, the Easythreed K1 3D Printer is a reliable choice for entry-level 3D printing enthusiasts looking to explore their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

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  1. Compact and portable 3D printer, suitable for small spaces and on-the-go printing.
  2. Sturdy construction with a metal frame for stability and durability.
  3. Supports PLA filament, a popular and easy-to-use material for 3D printing.
  4. User-friendly interface with a one-button operation for simplicity.
  5. Quick and easy assembly, allowing for a fast setup and start printing.
  6. Efficient printing with a nozzle diameter of 0.4mm and a layer resolution of up to 100 microns.
  7. Comes with a removable and flexible magnetic printing bed for easy model removal.
  8. Supports offline printing through a USB connection or TF card.
  9. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
  10. Suitable for beginners, hobbyists, and educational purposes.
Warranty Information:
  • One-Year Warranty: This covers all significant components such as the motherboard, motors, and screen display for a period of one year.
  • Three-Month Warranty: The hotend (including the heater cartridge and thermistor), heatbed, fans, leadscrew, couplings, and belts are covered under a three-month warranty period.
  • Consumable Items: Nozzles are considered consumable parts due to the nature of 3D printing and are not covered under warranty.
  • Voided Warranty: The warranty will be void if the cover of the motherboard is opened.
  • Voided Warranty (Power-related Issues): The warranty will also be void if damage to the power supply or any other component is caused by power surges, loadshedding, or any other electrical faults.


  • Filament Types: Compatible with PLA and other similar materials
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Printing Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Print Bed: Non-heated bed
  • Connectivity: USB or SD card
  • Supported File Formats: STL, OBJ
  • Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Printer Dimensions: 250 mm*280 mm*265 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Power: 30 W


    • Easythreed K1 3D Printer (Main unit)
    • Power Adapter
    • USB Cable
    • TF Card with test files
    • Spatula (for removing prints from the bed)
    • Filament Holder
    • Filament Guide Tube
    • User Manual (including assembly instructions)
Easythreed K1 3D Printer is a compact and affordable 3D printer
Easythreed K1 3D Printer is a compact and affordable 3D printer
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