Creality CR-10 4010 Fan Red And Black 12v

Creality CR-10 4010 Fan Red And Black 12v


This 12V 0.1A 40x40x10mm Blower Fan is built to fit the Creality CR-10 range of 3D printers, and is designed to effectively cool down printed parts during the 3D Printing process. This helps to solidify the printed plastics quickly, which reduces the sagging or deformations that would typically occur if the plastics were left to solidify at temperatures close to their melting point. Fortunately, this is easy to fix with a simple blower fan, which ensures that your final printed parts match the original designs without artefacts or misshapen dimensions.

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Creality CR-10 4010 Fan Red And Black 12v

The Creality CR-10 4010 Fan Red And Black 12V is a specialized cooling fan designed specifically for 3D printers, with a focus on enhancing the cooling performance and ensuring optimal printing conditions. This high-quality fan is compatible with the popular Creality CR-10 series of 3D printers and offers a range of features and benefits, shop online at Kupe 3D

Efficient Cooling Performance:

The Creality CR-10 4010 Fan is engineered to deliver efficient cooling performance, effectively dissipating heat generated during the 3D printing process. Its compact size and powerful airflow allow for effective cooling of the printing components, such as the extruder, hotend, and printed object, preventing potential issues such as warping and filament clogging.

Red and Black Design:

Featuring a sleek red and black design, the Creality CR-10 4010 Fan adds a touch of style to your 3D printer setup. This visually appealing color combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes it easy to identify the fan amidst other components, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

12V Voltage Compatibility:

The Creality CR-10 4010 Fan operates at a 12V voltage, which is a common power requirement in most 3D printer setups. This compatibility ensures easy integration with various models and reduces the need for additional power adapters or modifications.

Low Noise Operation:

Noise can be a significant concern when operating 3D printers for extended periods. The CR-10 4010 Fan is designed to minimize noise levels while maintaining excellent cooling performance. This low noise operation allows for a quieter working environment, enabling you to focus on your projects without unnecessary distractions.

Easy Installation:

Installing the Creality CR-10 4010 Fan is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly design. The fan comes with pre-attached mounting holes that align perfectly with the Creality CR-10 series, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation. Additionally, the package includes all the necessary screws and accessories, simplifying the setup process further.

Durable Construction:

Durability is a crucial factor when selecting components for 3D printers, as they undergo constant use and exposure to heat. The CR-10 4010 Fan is built to withstand demanding conditions, with a rugged construction that ensures long-lasting performance. Its high-quality materials and robust design make it resistant to wear and tear, extending the fan’s lifespan.The Creality CR-10 4010 Fan Red And Black 12V is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for 3D printers, offering excellent performance and durability. With its stylish design, low noise operation, and easy installation process, it is an ideal choice for Creality CR-10 series users who seek to enhance their printing experience and achieve optimal results. Upgrade your 3D printer with this reliable cooling fan and enjoy improved printing quality and reliability.


  • Fan Type – Brushless Blower Fan
  • Operating Voltage – 12V DC
  • Operating Current – 0.1A
  • Dimensions – 40 x 40 x 10mm


  • These Fans are relatively basic, featuring one yellow and one blue wire, with the warmer colour (yellow) denoting positive and the colder colour (blue) denoting ground, which is meant to help you easily identify which cables belong to which fan at just a glance of the controller board.
  • In terms of installation, these fans feature four simple mounting points to attach them to the side of the Hotend Assembly, where they can direct effective cooling through the shroud and onto the printed parts.
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