Creality CR-10s Pro Heating Block Square Red

Creality CR-10s Pro Heating Block Square Red


The Creality CR-10s Pro Heating Block in Square Red is a replacement heating block designed for CR-10s Pro 3D printers, providing efficient heat transfer and reliable temperature control for optimal printing performance.

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Creality CR-10s Pro Heating Block Square Red Specifications:

The Creality CR-10s Pro is a popular 3D printer known for its large build volume and reliable performance. One of its crucial components is the heating block, which plays a vital role in the printer’s ability to melt and extrude filament. In this description, we will explore the key features and functionality of the heating block used in the CR-10s Pro, shop online at Kupe 3D

Design and Construction:

The Creality CR-10s Pro Heating block is expertly designed to provide efficient and precise heating for filament extrusion. It is typically made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which ensures excellent heat conductivity while maintaining durability. The block is compact in size, fitting securely into the printer’s hotend assembly.

Heating Element:

The heating block incorporates a heating element responsible for reaching and maintaining the desired temperature for filament melting. It is usually a high-quality cartridge-style heater that generates heat quickly and evenly. The heating element is securely embedded within the heating block to ensure optimal heat transfer to the filament.


To monitor the temperature of the heating block accurately, a thermistor is integrated into the design. The thermistor is a small sensor that measures the temperature and sends the data to the printer’s control board. This information allows the printer to regulate the heating process and ensure precise temperature control throughout the printing process.

Heat Dissipation:

Efficient heat dissipation is crucial to prevent overheating and maintain stable printing conditions. The Creality CR-10s Pro heating block is designed with cooling fins or grooves that help dissipate excess heat effectively. These features assist in maintaining a consistent temperature and minimize the risk of filament clogging or warping.

Nozzle Compatibility:

The heating block is designed to accommodate different nozzle sizes, providing versatility for various printing applications. The nozzles can be easily installed and removed from the heating block, allowing users to switch between different sizes or materials depending on their printing requirements.


To prevent heat loss and maintain a stable temperature, the heating block is often equipped with insulation materials. These materials act as a barrier between the heating block and other components, reducing heat transfer and minimizing the impact of external factors on the printing process.The Creality CR-10s Pro heating block is a critical component in the printer’s extrusion system, responsible for heating and melting filament with precision. With its efficient design, reliable heating element, accurate temperature monitoring, and effective heat dissipation, the heating block ensures optimal printing conditions and high-quality prints. Its compatibility with various nozzle sizes and insulation features further enhance its usability and performance, making it a reliable choice for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • Heater Cartridge Size: 6mm
  • Size: 20mm x 20mm x 10mm
This is a image of the Creality CR-10s Pro Heating Block Square Red
Creality CR-10s Pro Heating Block Square Red
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