Creality 4010 Fan Yellow And Blue 12v

Creality 4010 Fan Yellow And Blue 12v


The Creality 4010 Fan Yellow And Blue 12V is a compact and reliable cooling fan for 3D printers. With efficient cooling performance and quiet operation, it ensures optimal temperatures for high-quality printing. Its 12V voltage compatibility and visually appealing design make it suitable for various applications.

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Creality 4010 Fan Yellow And Blue 12v

The Creality 4010 Fan Yellow And Blue 12V is a compact cooling fan designed for various applications, particularly in 3D printers. Known for its reliability and efficient performance, this fan is an essential component in maintaining optimal temperatures within the printer’s components, such as the extruder and electronics, shop online at Kupe 3D

Compact Design:

Featuring a compact form factor, the Creality 4010 Fan is designed to fit seamlessly into tight spaces. Its dimensions of 40mm x 40mm x 10mm make it suitable for use in small-scale projects where space is a constraint. The fan’s compact size also ensures efficient airflow without adding excessive bulk to the overall setup.

12V Voltage:

The Creality 4010 Fan operates on a 12V voltage, making it compatible with a wide range of 3D printers and other electronics that support this voltage. This standardized voltage ensures ease of integration and allows for convenient replacement or upgrading of fans in existing systems.

Yellow and Blue Color Scheme:

This particular variant of the Creality 4010 Fan is distinguishable by its yellow and blue color scheme. The vibrant yellow color adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to the fan, while the blue accents provide a contrasting visual element. This combination can enhance the overall appearance of a 3D printer or other devices utilizing the fan.

Efficient Cooling Performance:

The primary function of the Creality 4010 Fan is to provide efficient cooling to the components it is applied to. With its high rotational speed and airflow, the fan effectively dissipates heat generated during the printing process, preventing overheating and ensuring stable operation. Its reliable performance contributes to maintaining print quality and prolonging the lifespan of the 3D printer.

Quiet Operation:

Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the Creality 4010 Fan operates quietly. Its advanced design and construction minimize noise levels, ensuring a peaceful working environment during 3D printing or other tasks where the fan is in use. The quiet operation is particularly beneficial for users who value a noise-free workspace or require a minimal disturbance during their projects.The Creality 4010 Fan Yellow And Blue 12V is a compact and reliable cooling fan designed for 3D printers and other compatible electronic devices. Its compact size, 12V voltage compatibility, and visually appealing yellow and blue color scheme make it a versatile option for various applications. With efficient cooling performance and quiet operation, this fan proves to be an essential component for maintaining optimal temperatures and ensuring high-quality printing results.


  • This 12V 0.1A 40x40x10mm Blower Fan is built to fit the Creality CR-10 range of 3D printers, and is designed to effectively cool down printed parts during the 3D Printing process. This helps to solidify the printed plastics quickly, which reduces the sagging or deformations that would typically occur if the plastics were left to solidify at temperatures close to their melting point. Fortunately, this is easy to fix with a simple blower fan, which ensures that your final printed parts match the original designs without artefacts or misshapen dimensions.
  • These Fans are relatively basic, featuring one yellow and one blue wire, with the warmer colour (yellow) denoting positive and the colder colour (blue) denoting ground, which is meant to help you easily identify which cables belong to which fan at just a glance of the controller board.  In terms of installation, these fans feature four simple mounting points to attach them to the side of the Hotend Assembly, where they can direct effective cooling through the shroud and onto the printed parts.
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