Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor

Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor


The Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor is a high-quality motor designed for use in 3D printers and other precision applications. With a compact size of 42mm x 40mm, this stepper motor delivers reliable and precise motion control. Featuring a step angle of 1.8 degrees, the motor provides accurate positioning for smooth and detailed prints. It offers excellent holding torque, ensuring stability and preventing missed steps during operation. The motor’s voltage, current, and shaft diameter may vary depending on the specific model. The Creality 42/40 Stepper Motor is a reliable choice for upgrading or replacing the motor in your 3D printer, delivering consistent performance and contributing to high-quality prints.

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Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor

The Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor is a high-quality stepper motor designed for precise and reliable motion control applications. With its compact size and robust construction, it offers excellent performance and durability. This stepper motor is commonly used in 3D printers, CNC machines, robotic arms, and other automation systems, shop online at Kupe 3D


The Creality 4240 Stepper Motor features a compact form factor with a NEMA 17 frame size. It has a 42 mm body length and a 40 mm mounting hole spacing, making it suitable for various applications with space constraints.

Step Angle:

This stepper motor has a step angle of 1.8 degrees, which means it moves in increments of 1.8 degrees per step. This fine resolution allows for precise positioning and smooth motion control.

Holding Torque:

The holding torque of the Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor is an important factor for its performance. It provides a significant amount of holding force to maintain the position of the motor shaft, even when subjected to external forces or loads.

Voltage and Current Rating:

It operates at a voltage rating of typically 12V or 24V, making it compatible with standard power supply systems. The current rating varies depending on the model but is typically within the range of 0.8A to 1.2A.


High Precision:
The Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor offers precise motion control with its 1.8-degree step angle. This allows for accurate positioning and smooth movement, ensuring high-quality prints or precise machining.
Low Noise and Vibration:
Designed with optimized motor windings and rotor balance, this stepper motor minimizes noise and vibration during operation. It provides a quieter and more stable working environment, reducing disturbances in nearby systems.
Easy Installation:
The motor features a standardized NEMA 17 frame size and a 40 mm mounting hole spacing, making it compatible with a wide range of mounting brackets and fixtures. Its compact size and lightweight design simplify installation in various applications.
Durable Construction:
The Creality 42-40 Stepper Motor is built to withstand continuous use and demanding conditions. It incorporates high-quality materials and components, ensuring long-term reliability and durability.
Versatile Compatibility:
This stepper motor is compatible with various stepper motor drivers and controllers available in the market. It can be easily integrated into existing systems or paired with Creality’s own control solutions.The Creality 4240 Stepper Motor is a reliable and versatile motor suitable for a range of motion control applications. Its compact size, high precision, low noise, and durable construction make it an excellent choice for 3D printers, CNC machines, and robotics systems. With its easy installation and compatibility with standard control systems, it offers a convenient solution for both hobbyists and professionals seeking accurate and reliable motion control.


  • Size: 42mm x 40mm
  • Step angle: 1.8 degrees
  • Holding torque: Varies based on the specific model
  • Voltage: Varies based on the specific model
  • Current: Varies based on the specific model
  • Shaft diameter: Varies based on the specific model
  • Wiring: Typically has four wires for bipolar operation
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