Creality CR-10s Pro Motherboard ATMEGA2560 8bit

Creality CR-10s Pro Motherboard ATMEGA2560 8bit


The CR-10s Pro motherboard is the control center of the Creality CR-10s Pro 3D printer. With a powerful processor, touchscreen interface, expandability, and safety features, it enables precise motion control, temperature regulation, and easy parameter adjustments. Dual Z-axis support, filament runout sensor, and various connectivity options enhance the overall printing experience.

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Creality CR-10s Pro Motherboard

The Creality CR-10s Pro is a popular 3D printer known for its large build volume and reliable performance. At the heart of this printer lies the CR-10s Pro motherboard, which serves as the central control unit responsible for orchestrating all the printing operations. Let’s explore the features and functions of this essential component, shop online at Kupe 3D


The Creality CR-10s Pro motherboard is a customized electronic board designed specifically for this printer model. It serves as the brain of the printer, controlling various aspects of the printing process, including motion control, temperature regulation, and interface communication.

Powerful Processor:

Equipped with a high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 processor, the Creality CR-10s Pro motherboard ensures fast and efficient processing of commands. This processor provides enhanced computing power and responsiveness, resulting in smoother and more precise movements of the print head.

Stepper Motor Control:

The motherboard features integrated stepper motor drivers that handle the precise control of the printer’s stepper motors. These motors are responsible for moving the print head and the build plate, ensuring accurate positioning and layer alignment during the printing process.

Touchscreen Interface:

The Creality CR-10s Pro motherboard incorporates a user-friendly touchscreen interface, allowing easy navigation and control of the printer’s settings. The responsive touch display provides a convenient and intuitive way to adjust parameters such as temperature, speed, and filament settings.


One notable aspect of the CR-10s Pro motherboard is its expandability. It offers additional slots and connectors to accommodate various optional upgrades and accessories. This feature allows users to customize and enhance the capabilities of their 3D printer according to their specific requirements.

Dual Z-Axis Support:

To ensure stable and even movements of the print bed, the motherboard supports dual Z-axis control. This feature enables synchronized movement of the two lead screws that lift and lower the bed, minimizing the chance of tilting or misalignment during the printing process.

Thermal Protection:

Safety is a top priority when operating a 3D printer, and the Creality CR-10s Pro motherboard addresses this by implementing thermal protection mechanisms. It monitors the temperature of critical components such as the hotend and the heated bed, preventing overheating and potential damage.

Filament Runout Sensor:

The motherboard is equipped with a filament runout sensor, which detects when the filament spool is about to run out. When triggered, it pauses the printing process, allowing the user to replace the filament and resume printing without wasting time or material.

Connectivity Options:

The Creality CR-10s Pro motherboard supports various connectivity options to facilitate communication with external devices. It features USB and SD card slots for offline printing, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless control and file transfer. These options provide flexibility and convenience when operating the printer.In conclusion, the Creality CR-10s Pro motherboard plays a crucial role in the overall performance and functionality of this 3D printer. With its powerful processor, intuitive interface, expandability, and safety features, it provides a reliable and user-friendly control system that ensures high-quality prints and a smooth printing experience.


  • Circuit optimization of the circuit board can effectively solve the heating problem.
  • Special power chip is adopted to support 24V power input.
  • Firmware: V2.4.1 version. With USB interface, easy to operate.
  • All the parts are from Creality, will be directly shipped from Creality.
  • Can be used with E/Z/Y/X axis motor.
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