Creality CR-10s Thermistor White

Creality CR-10s Thermistor White


The Creality CR-10s Thermistor offers high-precision temperature sensing for 3D printing. With a wide temperature range, compatibility with the CR-10s printer, easy installation, durability, and safety features, it ensures accurate measurements and optimal printing results. A reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts, it enhances the 3D printing experience.

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Creality CR-10s Thermistor White

The Creality CR-10s Thermistor is a crucial component in the field of 3D printing. Designed to accurately measure temperature, this thermistor plays a vital role in maintaining precise control over the printing process. In this description, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Creality CR-10s Thermistor, shop online at Kupe 3D

High Precision Temperature Sensing:

Equipped with high-precision sensing capabilities, the Creality CR-10s Thermistor ensures accurate temperature readings within the 3D printer. It is specifically designed to measure the heat generated by the printer’s hotend, which is critical for achieving optimal printing results. This thermistor allows for precise adjustments of temperature settings, enabling users to maintain the desired level of control over the printing process.

Wide Temperature Range:

The Creality CR-10s Thermistor is engineered to operate within a wide temperature range. It can accurately measure temperatures ranging from ambient room temperature to the extreme heat generated by the printer’s hotend during intensive printing sessions. This broad temperature range ensures that the thermistor remains reliable and accurate even under demanding conditions.

Compatibility and Easy Installation:

The Creality CR-10s Thermistor is specifically designed for use with the CR-10s 3D printer, ensuring perfect compatibility. It is engineered to seamlessly integrate into the printer’s existing components, making installation a hassle-free process. With its plug-and-play design, users can quickly and easily replace the thermistor if needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Durable Construction:

Built to withstand the rigors of 3D printing, the Creality CR-10s Thermistor boasts a robust and durable construction. It is crafted using high-quality materials that can withstand high temperatures and resist wear and tear. This ensures that the thermistor maintains its accuracy and reliability over an extended period, providing consistent temperature readings throughout countless print jobs.

Safety Features:

The Creality CR-10s Thermistor includes essential safety features to protect both the printer and the user. It is designed to accurately detect any abnormalities in temperature, triggering safety mechanisms to prevent overheating or other potential hazards. By ensuring a safe printing environment, this thermistor helps users confidently operate their 3D printers without the worry of temperature-related mishaps.The Creality CR-10s Thermistor is a vital component in the world of 3D printing, enabling precise temperature control and ensuring optimal printing results. With its high precision sensing, wide temperature range, compatibility, easy installation, durability, and safety features, this thermistor provides users with a reliable and efficient solution for accurate temperature measurement. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, the Creality CR-10s Thermistor is an excellent choice for enhancing the 3D printing experience.


  • Nominal resistance: R25 (25°C): (commonly used) 1.5K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 30K, 47K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 500K, etc.
  • B arium resistance accuracy: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%
  • B value R25/50: (usually) 3435K, 3600K, 3950K, 3990K, 4100K, 4200K, etc.
  • B accuracy: ±1%
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C?+300°C
  • Dissipation power factor: ?5 mW/°C (in static air)
  • Large rated power: 45mW
  • Thermal time constant: ?7S (in static air)
  • Resistance temperature coefficient: -2?-5%/°C
  • Recommended parameters: R25°C=100K B25/50=3950K±1%
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