Easythreed Spare X7 Platform

Easythreed Spare X7 Platform


The Easythreed Spare – X7 Platform is a replacement build platform designed for the Easythreed X7 3D Printer. It provides a reliable and compatible surface for 3D printing. The platform is made from durable materials and features a smooth and level surface for optimal adhesion and print quality. With its precise measurements and easy installation, the Spare – X7 Platform ensures consistent and reliable printing results, allowing users to continue creating high-quality 3D prints with their Easythreed X7 printer.

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Easythreed Spare X7 Platform Features:

  1. Size: The platform is designed to match the specific dimensions of the Easythreed X7 printer, providing a suitable printing area for your projects. The exact size will depend on the printer model.
  2. Material: The platform is typically made from a durable and heat-resistant material that provides a stable base for printing. Common materials include aluminum, glass, or other types of build surfaces.
  3. Surface Texture: The platform may have a specialized texture or coating to facilitate adhesion and ensure proper filament adherence during the printing process. For example, it may have a rough texture or a removable build surface like a build plate sticker or magnetic bed.
  4. Leveling and Calibration: The platform may feature leveling mechanisms or adjustments to ensure the surface is perfectly level and parallel to the print head. This helps in achieving accurate and consistent prints.
  5. Compatibility: The Easythreed Spare X7 Platform is designed specifically for the Easythreed X7 3D printer, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility with the printer’s mounting system.
This is a image of the Easythreed Spare X7 Platform
Easythreed Spare X7 Platform
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