Easythreed Spare X7 Plus XY Motor

Easythreed Spare X7 Plus XY Motor


The Easythreed Spare – X7 Plus XY Motor is a replacement motor specifically designed for the Easythreed X7 Plus 3D Printer. This motor is responsible for controlling the movement of the print head in the X and Y axes. With its high-quality construction and precise performance, the Spare – X7 Plus XY Motor ensures smooth and accurate movements, resulting in precise and detailed 3D prints. It is a reliable replacement component that helps maintain optimal printing performance with the Easythreed X7 Plus 3D Printer.

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Easythreed Spare X7 Plus XY Motor Features:

  1. Step Size: XY motors in 3D printers are typically stepper motors, which move in discrete steps. The step size determines the resolution and precision of the motor’s movement.
  2. Holding Torque: The holding torque of the XY motor determines its ability to maintain its position when not in motion. A higher holding torque helps prevent any unwanted movement or backlash.
  3. Rated Voltage and Current: XY motors operate within specific voltage and current ranges. These specifications ensure the motor receives the necessary power to function optimally.
  4. Speed and Acceleration: The XY motor’s speed and acceleration capabilities affect the overall printing speed and the printer’s ability to handle rapid movements.
  5. Compatibility: The XY motor should be compatible with the specific 3D printer model, in this case, the Easythreed X7 Plus, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility with the printer’s electronics and firmware.
Motor for 3d printer - Easythreed Spare X7 Plus XY Motor
Picture of the replacement Easythreed Spare X7 Plus XY Motor
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