Easythreed Spare X7 Plus Z Motor

Easythreed Spare X7 Plus Z Motor


The Easythreed Spare – X7 Plus Z Motor is a replacement motor specifically designed for the Easythreed X7 Plus 3D Printer. It is responsible for controlling the movement of the Z-axis, which determines the vertical height during the printing process. With its high-quality construction and precise performance, the Spare – X7 Plus Z Motor ensures smooth and accurate movements, allowing for consistent layering and precise print quality. It is a reliable replacement component that helps maintain optimal printing performance for the Easythreed X7 Plus 3D Printer.

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Easythreed Spare X7 Plus Z Motor Features:

  1. Step Size: The Z motor typically has a specific step size, which determines the resolution and precision of the motor’s movement along the Z-axis.
  2. Holding Torque: The holding torque of the Z motor is important to ensure the print bed or platform remains stable and does not move unintentionally during printing. A higher holding torque helps maintain accurate layer alignment.
  3. Rated Voltage and Current: The Z motor operates within specific voltage and current ranges. These specifications ensure that the motor receives the appropriate power to function optimally.
  4. Speed and Acceleration: The Z motor’s speed and acceleration capabilities affect the overall movement speed of the print bed or platform, as well as its ability to handle different layer heights efficiently.
  5. Compatibility: The Z motor is designed to be compatible with the Easythreed X7 Plus 3D printer model. It should fit properly and work seamlessly with the printer’s electronics and firmware.
Motor for 3d printer - Easythreed Spare X7 Plus Z Motor
Picture of the replacement Easythreed Spare X7 Plus Z Motor
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