Easythreed Spare X7 Z Motor

Easythreed Spare X7 Z Motor


The Easythreed Spare – X7 Z Motor is a replacement motor specifically designed for the Easythreed X7 3D Printer. It is responsible for controlling the movement of the Z-axis, which determines the vertical height during the printing process. With its high-quality construction and precise performance, the Spare – X7 Z Motor ensures smooth and accurate movements, allowing for consistent layering and precise print quality. It is a reliable replacement component that helps maintain optimal printing performance for the Easythreed X7 3D Printer.

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Easythreed Spare X7 Z Motor Features:

  1. Step Size: The Z motor typically has a specific step size, which determines the resolution and precision of the motor’s movement along the Z-axis.
  2. Holding Torque: The holding torque of the Z motor is important to ensure the print bed or platform remains stable and does not move unintentionally during printing. A higher holding torque helps maintain accurate layer alignment.
  3. Rated Voltage and Current: The Z motor operates within specific voltage and current ranges. These specifications ensure that the motor receives the appropriate power to function optimally.
  4. Speed and Acceleration: The Z motor’s speed and acceleration capabilities affect the overall movement speed of the print bed or platform, as well as its ability to handle different layer heights efficiently.
  5. Compatibility: The Z motor is designed to be compatible with the Easythreed X7 3D printer model. It should fit properly and work seamlessly with the printer’s electronics and firmware.
Motor for 3d printer - Easythreed Spare X7 Z Motor
Picture of the replacement Easythreed Spare X7 Z Motor
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