Raise 3D Hotend Silicone Cover (3 in set)

Raise 3D Hotend Silicone Cover (3 in set)


Raise 3D Hotend Silicone Cover (3 in set)

Hot-end Heating Block Silicone Cover Case For Creality will extend the life of your hot-end by protecting it from burnt filament build up. Use this sock to help manage hot-end temperature while cooling fans operate at high speeds cooling filaments that require a much higher extrusion temperature.

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Raise 3D Hotend Silicone Cover (3 in set) Features:

  1. Thermal Insulation: The silicone covers act as thermal insulation, helping to maintain stable and consistent temperatures within the hotend assembly. They prevent heat loss to the surrounding environment, ensuring more efficient and accurate printing.
  2. Protection: The silicone covers provide an additional layer of protection to the hotend assembly, shielding it from dust, debris, and potential damage. They help keep the hotend clean and extend its lifespan.
  3. Easy Installation: The silicone covers are designed to fit snugly over the hotend assembly and are easy to install or remove. They typically have a flexible and stretchable design to accommodate different hotend sizes and shapes.
  4. Compatibility: The set of silicone covers is specifically designed for use with Raise3D printers. They are compatible with the hotend assembly of various Raise3D models, providing a custom fit and ensuring optimal performance.
  5. Heat Resistance: The silicone material used in these covers is heat-resistant, capable of withstanding the temperatures typically encountered in 3D printing. This ensures that the covers will not deform or deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures.
  6. Set of Three: The set typically includes three silicone covers, allowing you to cover different parts of the hotend assembly, such as the heater block, heat break, and nozzle. This comprehensive coverage ensures effective insulation and protection.
This is a image of the Raise 3D Hotend Silicone Cover (3 in set)
Raise 3D Hotend Silicone Cover (3 in set)
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