Raise3D PRO2/N Heater Rod

Raise3D PRO2/N Heater Rod


Raise3D PRO2/N Heater Rod

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Raise3D PRO2/N Heater Rod Features:

  1. High-quality Heating Element: The heater rod is made from high-quality materials that can withstand high temperatures required for 3D printing. It provides reliable and consistent heating performance.
  2. Wattage and Voltage: The heater rod is designed to operate at specific wattage and voltage ratings, which are typically compatible with the power supply of the Raise3D PRO2/N printers.
  3. Easy Installation: The heater rod is designed for straightforward installation and compatibility with the Raise3D PRO2/N printers. It is typically connected to the hotend assembly using appropriate connectors or screws.
  4. Replacement Part: The PRO2/N Heater Rod may serve as a replacement for a damaged or malfunctioning heater rod in your Raise3D PRO2/N printer. It ensures that the hotend can reach and maintain the desired printing temperatures.
  5. Compatibility: The PRO2/N Heater Rod is specifically designed for use with the Raise3D PRO2 and PRO2 N series of 3D printers. It is important to ensure compatibility with your specific printer model when purchasing a replacement heater rod.
This is a image of the Raise3D PRO2/N Heater Rod
Raise3D PRO2/N Heater Rod
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